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Glory, Go! Go!

21 October 2023

On 21 October 2023, Nirasaki Students came and stay for a night. They had BBQ in the evening and Movie Night under the sky after. Not only watching movie, they also had experience to see the stars and sometimes deers' sound appears! They were very enjoy outdoor movie while snacking, and some students bought a hot drink from vending machine in the campsite area. Is not it fun while you can watch movie under the stars and a coffee in your hand? So, Let join us!
"Glory, Go! Go!" is their jargon, not only jargon for them, it is like magic for them because their spirit always on! On the next day, They made a "Tombo", camp crews asked what is it for, and they said for clean and flatten the ground in baseball. Their team work was incredible! They could make some of it and take it for training.

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